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Welcome to our website

We publish llama photographs, llama information and llama news items on our website. We also maintain a listing of upcoming llama events.

Midnight saying hi to Odin & RascalOur Photo Gallery has a comprehensive collection of photographs. In addition we have llama photographs scattered across our website. You can view larger versions of many of the photographs by clicking them with your mouse. In addition many of the photographs have hotspots which you can click with your mouse to learn more about the llama in the hotspot. There may be more than one hotspot in a photograph. You can find the hotspots, if your browser supports them, by hovering your mouse over the photograph. You may need to allow pop-ups from our website to see the larger versions and hotspot detail. All photographs, large and small, have had their resolution reduced to match the reduced resolution of web pages. All photographs are copyrighted. Full resolution photographs are available upon request. Click here to see our policy for use of our photographs.

The Our Llamas section of our website contains biographical information and a photograph of each of our llamas.

In the Llama Information section we have posted newsletter articles for those interested in learning more about acquiring and managing a llama herd. Organic gardeners may find several of these articles of interest. Sources of llama and alpaca manure may be of interest to gardeners who are seeking ways to improve their soil.

If you are new to llamas we invite you to visit the websites of some of the llama organizations which may be of interest to you. Also, you may wish to check out Llama Links, links to other llama websites of interest.

What's New highlights recent additions and revisions.

On many of our web pages you will find buttons, such as those on the left of this page, which are links to the various sections of our website.

If you have any questions about llamas or would like to come and visit us please use our Contact Us web page.

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Greenbriar Llama Karma Farm
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