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Steeplebush Seabreeze photograph

Seabreeze was born on April 8, 1993. Seabreeze is a "gentle giant". She is the mother of Spitfire. Seabreeze and Topaz arrived on our farm in the summer of 1999. Seabreeze and Topaz had significant scarring on their faces and legs. Much of the scarring was a bright pink. Their former owners, who loved and cared for their llamas dearly, had worked hard and long to find out the source of the scarring so they could address its resolution. Within a month of their arrival on our farm the scarring started to fade and over the years some hair has grown back in. We have concluded that the problem was environmental and suspect it was exposure to chemical fertilizers and/or herbicides. We do not use chemicals on our pastures. Both Seabreeze and Topaz are now aging prematurely. We urge all animal owners to think twice about using chemicals in their pasture management.