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Llama Information

Over the years I have contributed a number of articles to various newsletters. Some of these articles were written when we were new to llamas and describe our early experiences with these creatures. These may be of particular interest to new or prospective new owners. Several articles may be of interest to organic gardeners. Some articles were written with tongue in cheek. The table of contents, which follows, is in order by article title (since more than one subject may be covered  I recommend reviewing all titles if you are looking for a particular subject). Many of these articles have been edited or rewritten to reflect changes which have occurred since the articles were written.

Description Date
Abuse, Guardianship April 2001
Acquiring Your First Llama, Part 1 April 1998
Acquiring Your First Llama, Part 2 July 1998
Ain't We Got Fun; Not Tonight Deer; A Different Perspective August 2001
Are Llamas Intelligent? October 2006
Barn Management - Another View April 1998
Barnanalnia and Related Matters April 2001
Birthing October 2005
Complementary Therapies; Endophyte - There is a Fungus Among Us ... December 2003
Confessions of an Organic Gardener, or, Nothing but the Straight Poop November 1998
Drug Resistant Camelid Parasites; Followup on Prion Diseases, ... August 2006
Fencing April 2010
For the Shear Pleasure August 2004
Go Hug a Llama December 2001
Global Climate Change; Shades of Gray ... or the Need for Communication February 2007
Global Climate Change and Herd Management October 2004
How Do I Love Thee; Ethics, Genetic Abnormalities and the Bottom Line June 2000
Ice Storms; Standby Generators; Electrical System Review December 2004
In Memory of Ginger; Getting a Second Opinion June 2005
Life in a Germ-Free World?; Petting Zoos ... a Pet Peeve; ... October 2002
Llama Eggs; Don't Toss That Fiber; Sleeping with Llamas October 2001
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