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Llama Information

Description Date
Llamas as Herd Animals; Keeping Males Together April  & July 1999
Mad Cow, Prions and Animal Ethics February 2004
Misconceptions and Misperceptions February 2006
More Confessions of an Organic Farmer, or, Toujours Manure June 1999
Mud! Mud! Glorious Mud! April 2004
Musings of an Old Coot; Repairs & Tools April 2005
My Biases December 2005
My Life May Be Full of Grays, but ... January 2001
Non-Verbal Communication August 200Y5
Of Moose and Llamas; Llamas and Winter January 1999
Oh Chute!; No Chute!; Kicking the Bucket October 2003
Prion Diseases June 2006
Public Relations; Alarums and Excursions August 2002
Quo Vadis - Afghan Hounds and Suri Llamas August 2003
Relationships; Winter, Fire and Water; On a Brighter Note February 2002
Superannuation February 2005
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly June 2004
The Great Escape January 2001
The NAO and Other Perturbations to My Idyllic Life; Fencing; ... April 2003
The Orphaning of a Cria November 1997
Thoughts Upon the Completion of the First Year with Llamas June 1998
To De-Worm or Not to De-Worm, That is the Question April 2002
To Grain or Not to Grain … October 2007
Where Have You Been All My Life; If It is This Much Fun It Must Be Sinful; ... June 2001
Warm and Fuzzy; I have a Little List; Coincidence, Learned Behavior, ... August 2002
Wildlife in Captivity? ... or Know Your Laws and Regulations! February 2003
You are Never Too Old, Picture Life in the Raw December 2007
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