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Sources of Llama and Alpaca Manure

We currently use all of the manure our llamas produce (see Confessions of an Organic Gardener, or Nothing but the Straight Poop  and More Confessions of an Organic Gardener, or, Toujours Manure.

The table that follows lists other farms that have llama or alpaca manure available. If you wish to have your farm added to the table please contact us indicating that you wish to be added to the sources of manure and provide us with contact information. Our preferred contact information is the URL to your web site. This gives you control over your privacy. If you do not have a web site then you should provide your preferred mode of contact, e.g., phone, e-mail address, Facebook. Incidentally, we are on Facebook.

Location Source Contact Information
Berwick West Meadows Farm web site
Newcastle Ridge Mist Llamas web site