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Our Farm

Zapata NursingWe founded the Greenbriar Llama Karma Farm in 1997. We are a breeding farm, i.e., we raise llamas for sale to others. Our current llama population is 24 llamas (16 females, 1 gelding, and 7 males). 

Our breeding philosophy is that the form and function of the llama is paramount (llamas should be athletic and fleet of foot). We will not compromise the genetic makeup and health of the llama to meet current industry fads. Fads come and go but our breeding standards are unwavering.Mulan

Our primary focus is to breed llamas of sound disposition and conformation. All our llamas will be halter trained and socialized before we put them up for sale. Unless a llama will be housed with a mature llama we will not let it leave the farm until it is two years old. Our minimum age for releasing a llama which will be serving as a guard is three years old, preferably at least five years old.

We will work with interested buyers in helping them determine the type of llamas appropriate for them. We will provide advice and counsel after the sale. We will not sell any llamas into situations that we feel are inappropriate. Nor will we sell a llama into a situation where it will not have the company of another llama or other suitable animal.

We invite and encourage farm visits. We request that you contact us to make an appointment.