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What's New

This page is for frequent visitors to our web site. It lists new and revised items and the date when the addition/revision became effective.

Effective May 2010 our entire website has been revised and replaced. All content from our earlier web site has been reviewed and revised where appropriate. Much new content has been added, e.g., the Photo Gallery.

Revision/Addition Date
Events 03/15/2011
Zapata - our latest Grand Champion 10/08/2010
Qui-Gon Jinn - updated for Fryeburg Fair results 10/08/2010
Obi Wan Kenobe - updated for Fryeburg Fair results 10/08/2010
Photo Gallery (picture of Karana with her mother Mulan) 09/10/2010
Our Llamas (Introduction to our newest cria, Karana) 09/08/2010
Our Llamas (new picture of Casey) 06/13/2010
Our Llamas (new pictures of Midnight and Thoreau) 05/25/2010
Llama Links (new links added) 05/22/2010