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Photo Gallery - Page 1

Our Photo Gallery has a comprehensive collection of llama pictures. Each photograph links to a web page where you can view a larger copy of the photograph together with information about its content (click a photograph below to view the larger copy). In addition many of the photographs in the information pages have hotspots which you can click with your mouse to learn more about the llama in the hotspot. There may be more than one hotspot in a photograph. You can find the hotspots, if your browser supports them, by hovering your mouse over the photograph.

You may need to allow pop-ups from our website to see information pages and hotspot detail. Activex controls are used but support of JavaScript is not required to see these pages/detail.

All photographs, large and small, have had their resolution reduced to match the reduced resolution of web pages. All photographs are copyrighted. Click here to see our policy for use of our photographs.

Padme Nursing Luna Padme at 1 Month  Querida and Sophie 
Padmé Nursing at 6 Days  Padmé at 1 Month Querida & Sophie 
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